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Hi James, the second painting is absolutely beautiful (DSC07763 - also attached in this email). The detail is amazing, I thought it was the photo I had sent you for a moment! I would like to have that one framed and delivered.
Sara, Yellowknife, NT

Absolutely Beautiful

20x24" People Oil  Portrait from Photo 

I've been playing delivery tag with FedEx since yesterday. I finally received the portrait this evening. It looks absolutely fantastic. You and your artist did a wonderful job. Thank you. I know my wife will be very happy to receive this as a gift. It's been a pleasure working with you and don't be surprised if I use you for future portraits. I will definitely show your skills to family and friends.

Take care and enjoy your holiday.


On Wed, 24 Dec 2014

A Pleasure Working with You

24x36" Oil Portrait for a Soldier

Yes sir!! It is perfect!  Thank you for making their day special. 

Dwight, Honolulu

Making Their Day Special

Great Dog Portrait

I received the dog portrait today it looks great!! 

Christine, Bordentown, NJ 08505


Great Dog Portrait

Wonderful Landscape
Thank you for sending! It looks great. Your artist did an amazing job.
Agatha Bochenek, CA, Nov.15, 2013

Wonderful Landscape

Received the painting yesterday - it's beautifully done and I couldn't be happier with the results.  Thank you so much for working with me to get the layout just right - it's a perfect image of the two dogs together and I know their owners will appreciate it for years to come.  Very very pleased with the quality - excellent value - thank you again! 

S.B. Pittsboro NC 27312, Sept. 16, 2014

Couldn't Be Happier

24x36" Couple Romantic Oil Portrait

i am impressed, you are very talented.

Jonathan, 01/09/2015


Looks good. I sent the final payment. 
Thank you
Adam, Mar. 24, 2015

A Shortest Testimonial

Thanks James

So pleased. The painting is beautiful. I will make sure to refer you to my
colleagues, friends and family.

Pat B Nov. 22, 2013

So Pleased

House Oil Painting from Photo

love it! i am so excited to present this to my friend! thank you again!

Melissa, USA, Nov. 12, 2014

Love it!

The painting has arrived and it is BEAUTIFUL! I will send you a picture of it as

soon as I get it framed! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

Cindy, P., ELDERSBURG, Maryland, on Nov. 30, 2013


Anniversary Portrait Oil Painting on Canvas

I have viewed the portrait and I could not be more pleased it is beautiful my dad loves it... Ms. Jones 10.20, 2013

I love it it's already haning over the mantle. Ms Jones St Louis, Missouri, 10.30, 2103

Contact us to request to talk to Ms Jones for her real feeling about the portrait paintng.

Anniversary Portrait Oil Painting on Canvas

Thanks so much! So excited to give this to my dad!

 Liz, Maryland, USA, Dec.13, 2013

So excited

Oh my goodness! Thank you so much it's perfect. You are amazing. Thank you so so much. I will be ordering from you guys again! Sincerely 
Katherine, Arkansas, 72113, Nov. 5, 2014


Still Life Painting from

"Thanks to James for his selection and follow-through for the painting of pumpkin. It adds a lot of tropical color to our house." Helen H. Miami, Florida, 08.2013

Still Life Painting from

I want to thank you again for the great communication, you made this process so easy. My dad absolutely LOVED the portrait! He hung it up on Christmas Day! It was absolutely beautiful and was exactly what I wanted! Thank you again, the portrait means so much to him and me!  

Liz, Maryland, USA, Jan. 07, 2014

Great communication, Beautiful Artistic Portrait

Amazing painting

"The seascape we ordered from is really amazing. I would defi recommend you to order from here." Joseph He, Miami, Florida, 08, 2013

Amazing painting

I am writing this review because I wanted to express my gratitude for the beautiful oil painting I received. The owner of the company was always available to speak with me during the design phase, to ensure that the painting would be exactly what I was looking for. The oil painting I received was a gift for my wife. She absolutely loved it! Thank you so much! 

From: Anonymous, Jul. 12, 2014

My Gratitude

I received the painting and it is phenomenal! Thank you so very much! My family loves it!!!!!! I am recommending you all to friends and family!

J. Stewart,  Maryland, 20685, Aug. 05, 2014


James, I received the portraits and they are awesome!!!!

I actually think I like the color version more now that I see it in person!
Thank you so much for your hard work, patience and professionalism.
TaNasha, Sacramento, California, 95817, Sep. 15, 2014

Patience and Professionalism

We were extremely pleased with both the quality of the work and also the high level of customer service. We were provided with progress reports and could provide feedback throughout the process. The proprietor even went so far as to commission a second artist so that we would get the effect that we wanted. They are also very fast and the painting was framed and packaged well. Highly recommended. Michael Bowers, PhD (USA) Dec 16, 2013

Quality & Customer Service

Renoir Styled Wedding Portrait in Oil
My 7 year anniversary is coming up in a month, so I wanted to do somethingextra special for Andy this year, and surprise him with a painted portrait of us (this may seem like a lame gift, but he has actually mentioned wanting this for quite a while). 

So I did a little research and found a company online, who paints oil portraits from a photo you send in (pretty sweet!). After emailing back and forth a little bit, I decided the price was right (only $280 dollars for a 26 x 29 painting!!!), and I went forward with the portrait planning

I use the word planning, because this portrait couldn't be just any portrait. I needed it to look like an amazing piece of art that I would actually be proud to hang in my home. 

My favorite artist is Renoir (because I love tons of color, blurriness, and whimsy), so this was my first obstacle. Having the company paint our portrait in the style of Renoir.
Renoir painting

The second obstacle, was providing a picture for them to paint from. I didn't have any artistic photos of Andy and I, so I decided to try and piece one together (and this is where things get fun!).

I sent them a photo of me from an amateur photo shoot, and I sent them a picture of Andy's face from our proposal night. 

Picture of me...

Picture of Andy's face (this was my chunky stage...)

But I couldn't just have Andy's head floating in the air... (too modern, hahaha). So I also sent them a picture of this guy (pictured below), who happens to be wearing Leonardo DiCaprio's suit from the Great Gatsby movie (eeeeexcellent).

The last thing I needed was a background, so I thought "why not use one I already loved?" This Renoir painting was perfect for completing my pretty picture :)

(These colors match our home perfectly!)

Once all pictures were sent in, the company worked their Photo shop magic, and after multiple emails, we finally came up with a picture to paint from! (WAHOOOOO!!!)

Photo shop draft (impressive huh?) 

And then the waiting began.....but I didn't have to wait for long! One month later, I got my first glimpse of the portrait...

First draft of actual painting

Not bad! But Andy's head looked a little small, and overall, the painting just wasn't messy or colorful enough. So I circled everything that needed changing, and the artist went back to work.

my circled changes

And when the improved painting came back, I was overjoyed! (Like, to the point of happy tears :)


See how much messier and more colorful it became?

Here's a picture of the first version and the final version side by side. It's a bit difficult to see all of the changes that were made, but you get the idea ;)

So the only thing left to do now, is to have it framed! The company also offers a framing service, but I opted out of this because I want a pretty french antique one!!! (shocking).

Something like this...

And now back to why I screwed up. 

You see, I'm teeeeeerrible at gift giving. I get so excited for a person to receive a gift, that I usually end up giving the gift way too early, or I'll end up telling the person what the gift is before it arrives. So this time, I was determined to notruin the surprise.

But... I failed

My laptop is broken, so I was using Andy's computer to write this post (when it was a draft). I swear, I closed every window involving this painting. I even deleted the download history for the day, but alas, the portrait was still somehow hidden behind the Internet browser, and when Andy came home, he immediately closed the browser and there was the portrait. 


I ugly cried, so hard. I had this whole "portrait revealing" scenario in my head, and I blew it. UGH!!!!

Oh well (sigh). The bright side of my blunder is that I get to post this blog early for you guys!!! (that is a bright side, right?... Hello???...

So if you would like to have an amazing portrait painted at an awesome price, I would definitely recommend using the company, Amazing Custom art. They respond to emails quickly and work really hard to make your portrait perfecto :)

Happy Tuesday guys! Love y'all!

(And because I have been drinking a lot of wine while I write this, it must be true;)

Art-tastic Update

Woo woo wooo WOOOOO!!!! Did everyone have a fantastic 4th of July weekend?! I've got to say, all those Facebook pics of BBQ's and swimming reallyhad me missing home a bit! I did try to be patriotic over here...

throwing a July 4th outfit together

But they just thought I was supporting the French soccer team instead of celebrating the States...(soccer who?)

Anyways, on to today's post because I'm so freaking excited to show you our framed art piece! You know, the portrait I had painted of me and Andy? Well if you don't remember, you can read "Art-tastic" first, and then come back :)

When we left off last time, our portrait had been completed but it still did not have a frame. I knew I wanted something ornate, but ornate can cost a ton of moolah (whomp whomp). So my only option was to find an antique frame with the dimensions of our painting....but this turned out being easier said than done (grrrrrrr).

I scoured eBay and a few markets here in Brussels, but not one frame had the correct measurements (Apparently a 26" x 29" inset is uncommon???) Well, let's just say it was getting pretty frustrating until one finally popped up on Etsy (oh thank you Lord!) and I bought it immediately! The Shipping to Brussels was ridiculous, but I needed that frame. INeeded. it.

The Etsy Frame (yaaaaaay!!!!)
Look at all the lovely details!

The moment it came in, I set to work framing our painting. Now normally I would have a professional do this, but I'm in a slight (major) hurry. You see, we have people coming this weekend to film our apartment, and it needs to be looking complete, like NOW

But after searching frantically for my upholstery staple gun (where IS it!!!), I simply taped the canvas right on to the frame. I'm sure that's what all professionals would do... right? 

Canvas taped to frame with black electrical tape
 Not too shabby.

I then hung it on the wall aaaand....
was completely UNDERWHELMED (craaaaaaaap!!!).

UGH! The frame was just too gold and dated looking for my current interior style. I swear it didn't look that gold when I bought it, but oh well. I couldn't waste any time being upset about it (what's the point?) so I immediately decided to paint the thing. 

Note: One should really remove the painting BEFORE painting the frame...but there was no way I was un-taping all of my hard work, so I covered it with plastic trash bags and was extra careful :)

Two coats of aqua paint later.... (leftover from painting the walls of the apartment...)
 and it became tres magnifique!

As you can see, I left the gold accents, carefully painting around them. I think it adds character :)

And Voila!
Now tell me that's not better? I think it looks a little more modern this way, and it really makes the painting pop, which is what you want a frame to do in the first place!

We had the big reveal yesterday, just in time for Andy's Birthday celebration! It was supposed to be an anniversary gift, but ah well. He loves it and that makes me super happy!!!

The end :)

Renoir Styled Wedding Portrait in Oil

 12x16" Small Size Framed Girl Portrait

Received the framed picture. Looks great! Thanks so much! Very pleased with the end result. 

Traci, Williamsport, MD 21975, Oct. 20, 2014

Very Pleased

Portraits for A Cathedral in Texas

The attached is for your folks to enjoy.  Great job!!!  I will let you know once we select our next Senior Pastor so we can get one more.

Dan Dubree

Executive Director

Cathedral of Hope, Dallas, TX, 75235 

Portraits for A Cathedral in Texas

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