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100% Refund


Based on fairness, we will refund full payment of your 20% deposit if you are not satisfied with our painting. The exception is that sometimes our artists have worked hard and created a beautiful art work but due to change of mind of the customer, he or she doesn't want the painting any more. In this situation, based on principle of fairness, we still retain such 20% deposit as salary and reward to the artist.

After you receive your painting, if you are not satisfied, we are here to amend the painting until you are completely satisfied. If, after all such procedures are exhausted and you are still not satisfactory, we will refund you all the payment.

Bank Arbitration

Paypal or bank arbitration is the final resort for you to claim money. If you feel we are not fair, it is always easy to claim money from credit card issuer, i.e. bank. 

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