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Realism painting doesn’t apply big brush stroke on canvas or paper. It depicts as real as actual photo is.

Most customers wouldn't specify that they request a portrait or painting painted in realism style. We do take realism as default style unless customers specify that they want an impressionist painting. 

However, to paint on canvas, the smallest brush can’t depict eyelash or hair as real as the photo. I guess this is the charm of artistic painting.


Impressionist painting became famous because of famous pioneers such as Claude Monet. People would regard Monet, Van Gogh as synonym of impressionist or impressionism. To appreciate a painting of impressionist style, one ought not stand closely to detect those flaws of details, asking why the lines are not real, lights and colors are like pad by pad throwing onto a canvas. We ought to step back, allowing a distance to observe the painting. Artist treats each part as like a dot in realism one, but each part may have different color and impression mingled in.

We encourage you to try this style. It is more interesting than a realism one sometimes.

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