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Difference between Oil and Acrylic

Oil and acrylic paintings look very similar, like Spanish and Portuguese. Acrylic paints dry very quickly, usually within a few minutes. Oil paints dry very slowly. It takes one day to get the surface of oil paint fried enough for shipping after completion of painting. For oil paint underneath the surface, it takes months to be fully dried. For painting effects, the two look very similar and sometimes as professional we are not able to tell from each other. However, acrylic colors are more vibrant hence more vivid for many paintings such as landscapes, bridal portrait, etc. But we don't recommend for animal portrait painting because animal usually has mauch hair and it needs a special brush to paint those hair to make painting vivid enough. Acrylic paint is sticky and it doesn't have the same property of oil paint for painting hair purpose.

Difference between Watercolor and Gouache

Watercolor is transparent and gouache is opaque. For a watercolor painting, sometimes we receive customers' complaints on the trace of pencil underneath as artists often would forget to erase all pencil draft before they start painting. Gouache is more like oil painting, allowing lone layer after another, and easy to amend as new layer of paint can be added with ease. Watercolor, once painted, is more rigid as the color is not coverable due to its nature of transparency.

Difference between Pencil and Charcoal

Pencil and charcoal is another pair of siblings. But as a painting, many customers complain pencil is too light and has no contrast. By comparing to charcoal, pencil is somehow not dark enough so that often time, when the final painting photo is taken, and sent by email to customers for approval, it hardly impresses all customers as it may look very dull. Charcoal is darker than pencil however, it may not depict details as meticulous as pencil. Also, it is very hard to amend sometimes as charcoal is hard to erase on paper. We have to redo often when many changes are required by customers.One more option is color pencil. It is colorful than both above and quite easy to amend if any change request is proposed by customers.

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