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100% Handmade?

100% Handmade?

Is It Really 100% Handmade?

For our canvas oil/acrylic paintings, we guarantee 100% hand-making, as our studios are under direct control.

For paper painting including pencil & charcoal painting, watercolor and gouache painting, up to day, general printers are not able to adjust size of printout with ease, by the way, it is technically feasible but not economically viable since the prices for paper painting are several dozen dollars.

Upon request, we still can provide photos for different phases.

How to Detect a Digitally Printed and Then Painted Painting

Under magnifying lens, or even most often by naked eye, it is easy to find many holes in the oil paint. For most unskillful artists that use print combined with painting, they are filling  oil paint on to canvas by tracing the print with right color blending. On the contrary, right techniques of painting, is layer upon layer. First starting with middle color as the first layer. For instance, when we paint the skin, we have dark and light part. We paint the background layer with middle range skin color so that we can lighten or darken easily later. Then we start the second layer, and third. 

What If Not 100% Handmade?

We do sometimes outsource some orders to freelance artists and they might use print as first layer of painting, ignoring our agreement with them about prohibition of Print + Painted oil painting. In this case, we will 100% refund you your payment. However, if you allow a second chance for us to redo a new one, we will make sure it is completed by our own studio with 100% handmade guarantee.
However, in some case, e.g. small faces in photo for oil portrait, when customers expressly permit us to print before painting from photo, we can print a blurry black/white trace onto canvas before starting.
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