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Warranty & Refund

Warranty, Returns & Refund Policy

The warranty period will be 2 years.

We recommend you to use varnish half a year after receiving our package for all oil paintings on canvas or on wood panel to best protect the painting. We allow each customer to inspect the final product before shipping via digital preview in My Account. No limits or time are set for the amendment, in other words, we amend the painting until the customers are satisfied with the outcome. Even after you receive the painting, you still have time to review it and should it have any problem, you still can send to our company for amendment. Please send to 654 Raoring Dr. #222, Altamonte Springs, FL, 32714 as postal address. (Office: 305 209 6188; Cell: 305 776 5064)

As the service of custom portrait from photo is of high value, we treat each project with great attention and care.

  1. We usually would refund the 20% Down Payment if order is cancelled within 24 hours (one day) after the order is placed. After 24 hours, sisnce we would have already placed the order, please allow such 20% down to cover the cost of order placing, canvas, overhead, artist salary, etc. 
  2. If due to our mishandling of orders, we will issue 100% refund for all payments including down payment.
  3. If computerized print is detected, we issue 100% refund.

A hand-made portrait will not be perfect as a photo print as it is painted by hand with naked eyes. Hence please understand that it certainly can’t be as accurate as the picture itself. Our studios will strive to amend according to your comments until you feel satisfactory. There is no limit of times to amend the portrait or painting. 

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