In arts history, after camera was introduced, many realism painters had been desperate since photograph captures better images than naked eyes. It prompted the fad of impressionism, expressionism, cubism that attempted to fight against the new invention of camera.

Human being is always on the winning side.

Oil paintings used to be a privilege of some talented artists in a certain society. As the globalization brings the trade from all over the world, China becomes the largest supply market for art works. Oil paintings used to be an expensive commodity but now you can buy a masterpiece replic of Van Gogh as cheap as 3 dollars from a local studio in Xiamen, Shenzhen or Putian. Artists in America have been greatly challenged.

This is not a new trend. The landslide advantage happened in late 1980s’ when China started its open policy. 30 years has passed and the oil painting become an industry and business.

You should have read about this and I don’t want to spend too much time on it. I will focus on printed oil paintings. To save time, artists now in general would use printer to print the photo onto canvas before painting. This is a open secret and i believe many articles also have reported such in previous articles.

A few days ago, one studio that is now pillar to my busines asks me whether a very superficial layer of print on canvas is allowed. i really pondered about it for one or two days. Why sticks to 100% hand-making? Why don’t we use printing technology to make life easier?

My reply to the studio is no. What is the difference between a thin layer and a full page printing? It is the one between flirting and prostitution. If we promise the customers that we don’t print then we obey it.

The difference between using a magnifier and printer is minimal if we get used to the former method. We keep our promise by using a little bit time on sketching, which is completely worthwhile. Beside, printed canvas will have some side-effect under different weather conditions.

You may check this video for the printed and cheated arts of oil paintings at here.

I will continue this topic in the following days.