A soldier who died of leukemia while he was still serving his country, became an eternal loss of this family. To commemorate, a customer of mine ordered a 24x36” oil portrait of this soldier to be delivered before Jun. 19, 2015, when I believe is the date of memorial anniversary.

I framed this portrait by myself. The customer was very scrupulous in details and he was concerned about if we would cut the fingers part at the bottom of this picture and I actually did stretch twice because the first time I showed too much margin at the bottom of picture as I was avoiding cutting off the bottom part. I shipped way before Jun. 19 to Honolulu. A sight of relief. I understood how much weight this portrait carries for a family with a lost member.

When the customer sent the photo of portrait hanging on wall, with the soldier’s wife and son sitting beneath the portrait, my tears almost welled up. Partly because of innocent and beautiful smile of her son, and partly proud of our work hanging on their wall, proffering something on which they can attach their best memory that may include joy and sorrow.

I write this article to solute to this family that sent their bread-earner to the country and bore and still is bearing the sorrow of saying good-bye to their beloved.