January and February are the low season of two months, usually in every year, except the Valentine. But in most occasion Valentine doesn't entail many orders. 

Again, while during this low season I took some jobs outside for family income, I do see the importance of agility of management. For a small business or a website of online ordering, agility is critical to its survival. Adding today's date, writing regular blogs to communicate with customers and changing header or some images, etc. etc. are always necessary to keep the website fresh and up to date. When customers surf onto this website, they immediately sense its vigor and fresh status and being under maintenance. 

Blogs also have its advantage over the article directory submission. Blogs can be short and long, depending on your recent activities, just like diary. But for article submission, usually they have requirement on words count and most of time you have to coin enough content to be published. There is a famous story in China about a famous novelist's diary. His name is Lu Xun and he kept the habit of writing diary. If he really felt nothing to put down on paper, he just write one short sentence, "Nothing to write today." That is it.

I will stop my pen here, considering blog is an effective and efficient way of communication with you guys.