In Photo to Painting business, as it is an online business, whoever can make an ordering procedure suitable with combination of different options (by the way, it necessitates around more than 10,000 options in ordering) of artistic painting as well as framing, plus SEO efforts, can find a foothold in this business, for which, around 80% of orders in the whole world are coming from the USA, still the richest country in the world in terms of consuming art work.

In the past few years, MYSQL and PHP, ASP webpage writing is an daunting obstacle for many laymen to online business. In the following years, I believe, as the open source of WordPress, Magento, Jumla, as well new ready-to-integrate shopping carts are available for online business, there will be more and more online stores looming.

At this junction, I should say, I earn a job for America. My photo to painting business starts to make me a living after a half year's effort s in building website, search engine optimization and online marketing. I bring much closer the customers in the USA and the artists from worldwide in the quickest manner to communicate their specific demand, tailoring inquiries, and painting and drawing questions. When such gap is narrowed, productivity is enhanced, as the satisfaction of customers is heightened because their demand is more accurately satisfied. In other words, they spend less money in my store, but their demand is better served. This is the typical evolving process of each business or industry. With such constant entrepreneurial efforts, consumers get more by spending less, thanks to the driving force of entrepreneurial innovation.

On the other hand, from my observation, many online stores are from overseas rather than American continent. I believe it is due to lower living cost in other countries such as India (where both SEO and website building are not rare source), and Singapore, to start a business. I remember when I was in China, I didn’t have so many bills to pay when I started my small business some ten years ago. In comparison, here in the U.S., high costs of medical insurance, living (as I want to put my kid in good school, the living cost is even higher), exert more pressure for small business that usually barely profits in the first half year of establishment.

Interestingly, both such two countries are taking English as their official language. In comparison with China, although China promotes English as their current quasi second official language, I barely see any Chinese website able to hit on success to American market. I believe language barrier is still a big issue. Take photo to painting business as an example, a few years ago, a Chinese company named, with its location in China, managed to squeeze into the first page ranking on Google, but hasn't sustained after a few months. I also notice there are few companies from South America has dominance in online store, although the language gap between English and Spanish is ignorable. 

However, I was cautioned recently there is one Chinese online store meriting everybody's attention,, a Chinese online store aiming to rival Amazon with its cheap products and shipping cost, are catching many eyeballs now., as its parent company, is dedicating in foreign trade online B2B for more than two decades, now is tapping into retail online store. 

Anyhow, the task for every online store is more challenging and the life for an online store may be much shortened due to ample choices of reliable open source of online store. Creativity and innovation needs to be on more and more frequent basis in modern era when millions of  talented young men worldwide are eager to make a success. The top 5% China and India population are already equal to the one of entire USA.

 Don't be afraid and keep trail-blazing. Consumers are the final winner whatsoever!