For Photo to Painting niche market, each Christmas would have around 6,000 to 8,000 orders, according to our online research and sampling investigation to various online providers. Among such 6k to 8k, half would come from the U.S. In fact, during regular season, more than 80% orders are from the U.S. In 2014, there are around 3k to 4k orders from American consumers. 

This season of Xmas consumption of photo to painting started a bit later than previous years, however, the frenzy remains the same as every year. Many customers would order a difficult people portrait a few days before Xmas, as an personalized gift to their special relatives, family members, dear friends, and so on.

Xmas season officially ended on Dec. 15- Dec. 17 this years, although some online providers still put their ad on Google that they still accepted order during the period between De. 15- Dec. 17. In fact, only pencil and charcoal orders were possible in such a short period.

After Xmas 2013, there were still orders placed now and then, sparse, but as like regular seasons. 

Real break was after Xmas and before New Year! It seems everything is completely off, including my mood of working. New Year Holiday is over. Let us embrace a new fresh start of 2014.