Almost every online website of portrait and painting from photo is suffering from delayed Christmas season in this year.

Portrait business is divided into two seasons in a whole year, Christmas season and non-Christmas one. Christmas season usually starts from the end of Oct, to Dec. 20 as deadline we usually cut off accepting orders, although there were still many and people thought artistic painting is just like printing, coming out of printer instantly.
In 2012, when the economy was the lowest, people still enjoyed their purchase of Christmas gift far early from Christmas, the same as those years before financial crisis. It seems that financial crisis was not hitting the U.S. economy that severe. At least the higher income group of consumers in the U.S. were not affected greatly, given portrait paintings would be consumed by higher income category mainly.
Last year starting from the end of October, Christmas atmosphere was beginning to thicken, as orders of portrait paintings increased, and we were starting to prep for fight mode as comparing to casual mode during non-Christmas season.
This year, it is silent, slow...
One day when I was in church, I talked about this year's economy might be even lousier than last year as no one is buying now, my fellow churchgoer countered what I said, stock market is faring well. Stock market reflects the expectation of future economy, buying is present tense, NOW.