Photo to Painting, although it is niche and small business, starting from many small scale websites that allowed uploading files and choose sizes, until now fully blowing into multi-function ones that allow not only file uploading, but also partial payment, large quantity of combinations of choice to order a painting given different customers have different demand on size, medium, framing, signature of artist so on and so forth.


In such a small field, competition has never been slackened. Online business has flourished ever since Wordpress and Joomla, Magento etc open sources make building a online store like a snap. Innovation, however, is comparatively stagnant comparing to the rest facets. Painting is still painting, and frame is still traditional frames. It seems there is not much room for innovation.


Amazing Custom Art launches a movement aiming to change the traditional realistic oil portraits into impressionism and abstract style portrait for customers and will strongly recommends all our customers to use different styles of Renoir, Monet, Van Gogh etc. to paint their picture to painting project. To accommodate such demand, we have a pool of excellent artists both good at portrait painting and impressionism style, as well as necessary skillset to meet such new challenge. Give us a try, we will return with brilliance.