Time is different from the days when you were able to make something and no need to beg everybody to come. Today's ear is marketing era. No matter how well you paint the portrait, if there is no marketing, no penny will go to you. I once had a partnership with an artist when starting the business of photo to painting and for any partnership, the splitting of profit is surely the top concern. We agreed half half splitting. When the business develop, each party might think the profit sharing is not a good idea, then a partnership will have to dissolve anyway. I invited him to join but the artist was reluctant to join. Then I flied alone. My income was gradually better off than his income as my business grew and more studios joined my team. Marketing is important as it connects more studios with the customers. We are in a globalized society and no one can separate from the others. We can't rely on one or two skills for our whole life by separating ourselves from the others. Communication is more important than skill, if we have to split them into percentage. I would say, 60% for communication/marketing, and 40% for photo to painting in this particular industry.

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