The other day, a customer, who is quite professional, had conversation with me about 100% hand-making topic. He is curious about the process of 100% handmade paintings. 

I told him that in pure term of art, our studio still has element of cheating as we are using a projector to trace the lines and positions of a painting by enlarging the photo onto the canvas or paper. Comparing to giclee print, this seems primitive. While many online painting providers argue that since we have computer print, why are we using backward method of projector.

Many art historians have speculation and controversy that Johannes Vermeer, creator of famous masterpiece Girl with a Pearl EarringThe Milkmaid (c. 1658), The Music Lesson or A Lady at the Virginals with a Gentleman, c. 1662–65; Vermeer, The Girl with the Wine Glass (c. 1659), etc., had utilized a certain type of projector with a few lens combined to project the real person onto canvas, and traced the line of features and crease of drapery, rendering his paintings outstanding in terms of details and perspective, by comparing to his contemparory artists. (More history about Vemeer at


     The Milkmaid                     The girl with wine galss     Girl with peral earring            The Music Lesson

Computer print is a new technology, and why don't we take advantage of advanced tech to paint a nice painting?

Good question. First, because we promote 100% Handmade on the website, then honesty matters. If we promise our customers that we use digital print and paint over and customers accept, then it is another scenario.

Second, in current market, the ink to print on canvas has a great variation. Some are oil-based, some water-based. We don't have any experiment to test which type is compatible with oil and acrylic paints, but we have proof that many digital print did mess up oil paint along a period, especially due to damp weather.

Therefore the safest way is pencil/charcoal that proves to be compatible to oil or acrylic for over hundreds of years.

When writing this blog, I am talking to an artist. He said, most of current print is oil-based, which is more expensive than water-based one in previous time. Hence it is safer. Tech is advancing, true, however, for handmade painting, it is like old architecture, or masterpiece, the older, the pimitive, the more value.

Anyway, we promise, and we do it. Simple.